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Psyche-Soma-Sol :
Limbic System Healing Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Are you suffering form mystery pains or symptoms, or a long term life altering chronic illness?

Take advantage of this special offer and purchase my a course designed to heal your limbic system using a unique approach that integrates mind, body, spirit, and nature!

 • Learn how to use brain retraining, yoga and mindfulness to heal your limbic system

 • Discover how to use nature to relax and reduce stress​

 • Receive guidance on how to create a personalized healing practice including spirtuality


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Are you ready for a healing journey?

Holistic Healing

We are one of the only brain retraining programs to integrate evidence-based counseling and neuroscience tools with a more holistic, nature and spirit based approach that aims to connect the WHOLE person rather than only targeting thoughts and behaviors.  

Harness the Power of the Limbic system

What is included in our course?

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Yoga and Meditation Class Library

$1,000+ value

An entire library of yoga classes and guided meditations, taught by a 900 hour trained yoga teacher and licensed mental health therapist. Typical private or small group therapeutic yoga and meditation classes run at least $50 per session. We are constantly adding new classes to our library.

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Hours of Educational Material in One Place

$1,000+ value   


I designed this course to take everything I know and talk about with my individual clients and consolidate it into one place, where you can access the information at your own pace and in an affordable way. 

Image by Jarno Colijn

Brain Retraining and Limbic System Healing Coursework


Most Limbic system and brain retraining courses cost between $300-1000 per year.  Our course offers lifetime access to a full course on learning about the Limbic system, implementing neural retraining, and in addition we blend holistic lifestyle modalities to create an even more powerful healing formulation. 

Afternoon Light

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