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The Journey to Healing

Welcome to our blog!

The focus of our practice is holistic healing. I am drawn to taking this approach because in my years in the mental health field, I have noticed a disconnect with how Western medicine views mental health. We send people to specialists for each issue someone presents to their doctor with.... psychiatry and counseling for mental health, endocrinologists for diabetes or thyroid issues, physical therapy or pain clinics for chronic pain, nutritionists for food and weight related issues, and the list goes on. Often times we need a specialist to address our needs. However, there seems to be a disconnect with breaking the human body and mind down into parts, and each provider operating under the principle of treating the individual symptoms related to a single body system rather than the whole person.

Holistic counseling aims to address the connection between mind, body, and spirit. While working on the presenting issues of mood, anxiety, or adjustment to life's changes, we also dig into the connection between our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.

Could it be that our chronic pain is related to a past trauma that our body is holding onto? Are we carrying tension from our stressful work life home with us and is it manifesting in an argument with our loved ones or a desire to engage in substance abuse? Is our depression a sign of a deeper issue, such as a lack of connection with our divine selves or purpose? Is our weight issue and associated health concerns due to emotional eating from a past trauma? Are we anxious not because of a chemical imbalance, but because we are not living our lives in alignment with our authenticity and true desires?

We hope to help you explore these themes and bring awareness and healing to the hidden places, the corners of our soul that have been forgotten. Our goal is integration of the whole self to attain a healthier state of being and connection with the universal energy of life and vitality.

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